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It was originally the only company in the world who manufactured a

towing device for the sole purpose of towing.

•Custom Rope has been developed and perfected to be what

we feel is the best tow rope on the market.

•Other companies buy spools or rope and make tow ropes out

of it, we manufacture the rope itself to the customer's


It is the safest towing device on the market today.

•Unlike nylon, which stretches 35%- 40%, Custom Rope only stretches 12%.  With

only a 12% stretch, it does not have the dangerous recoil that nylon ropes have!

•You must have a certain amount of stretch, which is Kinetic Energy, but you don't

need so much that it is dangerous.

•Controlled milling eliminates excess stretch, which causes dangerous recoil.

•The new synthetic fiber, a "state of the art" technology, is milled from a bonded-

monofilament type of industrial rope yarn that keeps the rope cooler under tension,

allowing it to break down at the weakest point of each individual strand.

•It is more durable and resistant to hazardous chemicals, including diesel fuel,

battery acid, oil, gasoline, hydraulic fluid, and fertilizer.  All of which deteriorates

nylon ropes.

•Polypropylene is superior in strength pound for pound, than wire rope or nylon, 84%

more strength per pound than chain and many times stronger than manila or sisal.

We are the only rope company with a full repair policy.

Our unconditional repair policy offers free repair of cut or broken ropes, regardless

of age.

CUSTOM ROPE is custom made!

•It can be ordered with loops, hooks, rings, or screw pin clevises.

•It can be ordered with full or partial nylon covering.

•It can be ordered in any length.

Custom Rope Application Chart

T08.5 8,500 Lb Tensile Strength Cars and Small Pick-up Trucks

T012.5 12,500 Lb Tensile Strength Cars, Mid Size Pick-up Trucks, and SUV's

T025 25,000 Lb Tensile Strength Full Size Pick-up Trucks and SUV's

T037.5 37,500 Lb Tensile Strength Light Trucks and Small Tractors

T062.5 62,500 Lb Tensile Strength Large 2 Wheel Drive Tractors

T075 75,000 Lb Tensile Strength Large 4 Wheel Drive Tractors And Semis

T087.5 87,500 Lb Tensile Strength Heavy Duty Farm and Construction Equipment

T100 100,000 Lb Tensile Strength Combines and Self Propelled Forage Harvesters

T125 125,000 Lb Tensile Strength Heavy Duty Use

T150 150,000 Lb Tensile Strength Super Heavy Duty Use