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A little bit of history of



Eino A. Visto, commonly known as "E.A.", became interested in machinery while attending Hansen Auto Mechanic trade school in Fargo, ND.  After finishing trade school, he worked for Carstensen Machine Shop in Moorhead, MN. After a short time EA decided that he would try working for himself, if he could only find and purchase a shop somewhere.  He heard the Guelph Shop was for sale, so he decided that he would purchase this from the German Brothers.  He had half interest in a motorcycle and borrowed money from Fred McCartney personally to buy the shop. So in 1935, EA began his career in the farm implement business, opening Guelph Auto Service in Guelph, ND.  The first couple of years EA worked for 25¢ an hour, working from 4:30am to 11:30 pm.  This particular habit stayed with him all his years.  As time went on, the machine business grew , so in 1942, he expanded the building of Guelph Auto Service, as the times got better. Later that same year, needing a companion and a bookkeeper,EA married Lillian Hillius, who then became the bookkeeper for the business. Along with this union of marriage, came the blessings of 6 children: Sharon, Shirley, Erwin, Emery, Brenda & Gary.

EA's volume increased to a point where another expansion became necessary.


In 1955, IHC wanted to close shop in Guelph and wanted him to move to a larger community. So, EA purchased 57 acres of land on the south side of the Oakes city limits along Highway 1, and built a new store in Oakes known as Visto Implement & Hardware  selling Melroe, IHC, American Motor, Whirlpool & RCA.



• 5/2 - Eino purchased more land south of the city limits  of Oakes in anticipation of future expansion


- E.A. long time business promoter of the International Harvestor has the footings in for a new and modern I H structure in his south Oakes addition.   This land was acquired from Frank Karas

• 11/11 – Eino takes over IH Agency from H.A. Pfaff


EA was congratulated by the district manager of aberdeen (John Burk) and a letter of congratulations from Minot district manager( Fred Bjornson) for the only prototype structure of such proportions erected in the region in 1958.

• 3/6 Remaining IH Stock to Eino, also purchased entire stock of McLaen’s Implement in Rutland for Oakes store

• 10/2 – Visto International Harvester this week. 3 day open house serving 1800 donuts and-- gallons of coffee

In 1959,  Visto Leasing Co. was formed. It was one of the FIRST businesses to lease tractors and farm equipment in ND & SD.  If you had a tractor  E.A. was well known for hauling the front wheels of a tractor in the trunk of his car


• 3/13 & 3/14 – "VISTO DOES IT AGAIN" 2 Day Open House full of electrifying bargains. From 10 am to 10 pm one could register for a door prize, which was a Whirlpool vacuum cleaner, and one could enjoy free coffee and donuts through out the day and from 2-4 one could enjoy a hotdog and coffee. 150 Gems were given away each day. who had to wait until their ice melted to find a gem. As soon as they thawed out the holder was able to take their gem to Oakes Jewelry where Mr Warner determined who the diamond winners were. Mr Warner then mounted the diamonds for free.


In 1972, Eino and Lillian’s son, Emery, returned home to work with them.

March 1st, 1976, The store was sold to Harry Cline, becoming CLine Implement Saleewq 321...and a new store was built south of it. In June, Emery and Patsy were married. With this union brought the blessings of 4 children : Shane, Erica, Chad & Jeffery.

In 1979, Visto’s Implement started selling the Case tractor line.

The year 1985 brought many changes, including the merger of Case, IHC and Steiger.  It also brought Gary, Eino and Lillian’s youngest son, to work for the business.

In 1987, Visto’s Implement was given the honor of receiving the very first NEW JI 9130 Case tractor fresh off the assembly line because Visto’s had the oldest active dealer in ND in the company’s founder, E.A. Visto, along with being a leading sales outlet for Case IH.  This tractor was sold to Tom Schmit of Alamo Farms in Oakes, ND.

In 1995, it was decided to drop the Case IH Equipment, parts and service along with most other lines. Gary chose to go a different path and started farming, while Emery started construction of a new building, continued the business and became what it is today…Emery Visto’s Implement.  Emery continued specializing in edible bean equipment and some other short lines and parts.  As the business grew, more help was needed.

So, in 2001, Emery and Patsy’s oldest son, Shane, became the parts general manager.

In 2002, Emery saw that the edible bean equipment sales were slowing because of new bean hybrids, so Emery and Shane decided to add CARQUEST Auto Parts.  This year also brought Emery and Patsy’s youngest son, Chad, home to pursue farming and also works behind the scene in the store shop as needed.  2004 brought yet another change, as the implement joined a buying group to add larger inventory of farm supplies to be more competitive.

Because of the expanding inventory, in 2013 Emery and Shane decided to add another 15,000 square feet allowing even more products to be better displayed, allowing customers themselves to select what they need.  33,000 sq ft showcase all the products, along with a beautiful show floor for larger items!

August 8th, 9th, 10th, 2016 became our 81st anniversary and Open House, giving away hourly door prizes including the Grand Prize being a Louisiana Pellet grill, won by Dylan Quandt ( son of Jeff & Jeanette Quandt).